July 16, 2007


Thus when I to come first the advanced early trailers for the film. I thought hey, me I saw a shade of a giant robot in Mars. And I did not think, this I am no good one. But then the new trailers leave. And has to jump great of the robot of the sand and to kill guys. Ant then has a robot that skates on below the road! I was printed.

The director is bay of Michael. I do not know it before. But I know the producer Spielberg. Jews of idol is one of mine. Thus I thought with this Michael and together mine spielberg agreed. This has that to be good film or the world comes to an extremity.

The boy in the film is Shia LeBouf that very looks at similar to the friend I had in the Joey Munda past in the school. In all the case, I saw this small boy before in I-Robot. My surprise this small one is very good in this film. He has blow away me. I did not know that he had this performance in it.

It has one many of the parts that involve the Armed Forces but they are not needed. The film must of focused in the Joey Munda of the boy and in its car. The girl who belongs to the boy is to looker very good. She no too much good act though.

This film has lots of the laughs. I river very in this film, especially the part when the mother speaks on making naughty in bedroom.

The action is very good. I not yet understand I had started the robots to fly with air but the very good technology in hollywood. Great Blockbuster of the summer.

I saw this film two times. Day of the opening. And the day after that this. And then another time two days later. But this does not count because age tired to I. You must go you see this film nine times because I give to this film one 9/10.

Alonzo Rishi

July 15, 2007

This Greets You.

I desire to welcome give to all my more excellent place. This is the place where I will review the films for you and you he will learn that you have filmed you must give attention and that you have filmed you do not have to give attention.

First a little on myself. My name is Alonzo Rishi who I work in my called city Ferragudo. I deliver the meat in my car to the peoples of my city. For my pastimes I appreciate to write. I learned my English when I very new age of my visit to the country. I do not start to practice it very. My life is all on the films. I love the films. And the films love-you too much.

Now you know a little on me, we you can start moving. I wait that I am welcome to the set blogging. You he is welcome.

Alonzo Rishi