July 15, 2007

This Greets You.

I desire to welcome give to all my more excellent place. This is the place where I will review the films for you and you he will learn that you have filmed you must give attention and that you have filmed you do not have to give attention.

First a little on myself. My name is Alonzo Rishi who I work in my called city Ferragudo. I deliver the meat in my car to the peoples of my city. For my pastimes I appreciate to write. I learned my English when I very new age of my visit to the country. I do not start to practice it very. My life is all on the films. I love the films. And the films love-you too much.

Now you know a little on me, we you can start moving. I wait that I am welcome to the set blogging. You he is welcome.

Alonzo Rishi

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